Sven Eriksen's Bridge Bidding & Playing Guides Online (LE)


The primary purpose of this website is to provide back-end support for Sven's smart Bridge apps, specifically the Bridge Bidding Guide (Bridge BG) and the Bridge Bidding & Playing Guide (Bridge BPG) for the Apple iPad. However, the website is generally available on the Internet for anybody to use. Please note, the website is provided as is and with no guarantees.

By design, this website is a Light Edition (a subset, if you will) of the full functionality available via my Bridge BG and Bridge BPG apps. By design, Bridge BG and Bridge BPG form intelligent front-ends to this website. By the way, Bridge BG and Bridge BPG are primarily intended for self-study by people who are learning to play Bridge.

If you don't already own Bridge BG or Bridge BPG, may I suggest that you play around with the BIDDING and PLAYING buttons shown on this page. That'll give you a fair idea of what the Bridge BG and Bridge BPG apps can provide on an iPad. I have also added four other buttons you might find useful.

If you like this website and own an iPad, the next step is to take a good look at the Bridge BG and Bridge BPG apps. Please follow this link:

My Bridge Tools

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Basic Cheat Sheet
Scoring Tables - Rubber Bridge