Bridge Bidding Guide

My Bridge Bidding Guide app (Bridge BG) extends the functionality of my Bridge Hand Analyzer (Bridge HA) by making a comprehensive set of Bridge bidding decision tables available to you.

Please note that to run Bridge BG you will need an Apple iPad.

It will take you less than 20 seconds to enter the 13 cards held in your hand and Bridge BG will then be able to recommend not only a good Opening bid but also Overcalls, Takeout Doubles, First Level Responses and more.

This means that Bridge BG is potentially useful in all four seats around the Bridge table.

If you are in Second Seat, Bridge BG will analyze your cards and attempt to help you oppose the Opening bid.

If you are in Third Seat, Bridge BG will attempt to help you support your partner's Opening bid.

If you are in Fourth Seat, Bridge BG will attempt to help you progress the bidding.

In spite of intervening bids from the opposition, potentially Bridge BG may be able to guide you and your partner through to declaring a suit contract or a no trump contract, possibly even to a small slam or a grand slam contract.

It is perhaps worth mentioning that at no stage are you obliged to follow bidding recommendations made by Bridge BG. If you have other ideas, these may indeed be as good or even better than what Bridge BG is suggesting.

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