Bridge Bidding & Scoring Pad

My Bridge Bidding & Scoring Pad app (Bridge BSP) helps you with the practicalities of playing Bridge at home.

The four players deliver their bids on a convenient keypad displayed on a shared iPad in the middle of the Bridge table.

The keypad automatically orientates itself towards the player whose turn it is to bid. Bridge BSP knows this.

If you make a mistake, Bridge BSP will allow you to correct it.

The entire bidding sequence can be seen on the bidding pad, including the contract declaration. While playing the cards, after contract declaration, you will often make decisions based on how the bidding went, but there is no need to remember this. It is visible on the bidding pad.

After playing the cards, Declarer will be asked to enter the number of tricks taken, so that Bridge BSP can calculate and display the updated scoresheet prior to the next deal.

The scoresheet allows up to three rubbers to be displayed. You might like to watch the video.

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