Bridge Hand Analyzer

My Bridge Hand Analyzer app (Bridge HA) could be viewed as a glorified cheat sheet. But then again, why not take advantage of available mobile phone technology?

After receiving and sorting the cards it will take you about 20 seconds to enter them into Bridge HA for instant analysis.

If the cards on your hand qualify for an opening bid, Bridge HA will recommend one to you, and it will even interpret what that opening bid means to your partner (as per Standard American 5-Card Major bidding conventions).

Please note that Bridge HA can only help you with opening bids. If you want more than that, you need Bridge BG or Bridge BPG.

Bridge HA makes a distinction between three types of opening bids: weak, average and strong.

Weak openings (6-11 HCPs), annoying the opposition, include opening 2, 3 or 4 of a suit. In addition Bridge HA features a gambling 3NT opening bid.

Average openings (12-19 HCPs), searching for a fit, include opening 1 of a major suit (preferred) or 1 of a minor suit.

Strong openings (20-37 HCPs), investigating slams, include opening 2 Clubs or 2 No Trump.

A practical hint: While entering the cards you may find it easier to put the mobile phone down in front of you. I have found this quite safe, because the card display is too small for others to be able to see the cards you enter.

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